How to Buy

Shopping at Medina Softboards is very easy. Our entire store was made especially for you, offering an innovative, fast, and technological environment.

  1. Choosing the product

I - You can search for products through the SEARCH at the top of the screen. Just type the product and click on SEARCH.

II - Another way is through our showcase, which shows you some of the products available on the site.

III - In our menu, it is possible to navigate between options and categories, choosing the one that most closely resembles your search.

  1. Knowing the product

When you view the product, by clicking on it, several characteristics will be displayed, such as specifications, details, color, size, and other relevant information about the product. This helps you not to be in doubt when buying here at Medina Softboards.

  1. Placing the product in the cart

After choosing your product option, you can click on BUY, where it will be placed immediately in the cart. Moreover, several other models can be added to the cart simultaneously by clicking on CONTINUE SHOPPING.

  1. Buying the product

I - As soon as you put the products you want in the cart, it's time to close your purchase;

II - Check that each of your products has been chosen correctly (quantity, size, color, installment, payment method, among other features);

III - Then choose the type of shipping you want;

IV - Enter your region's ZIP code;

V - If you want to add more products, just press (+) to add;

VI - Now just close your order by clicking on "Next Step".

NOTE: It is worth noting that adding the product to the cart does not guarantee its reservation. In any case, your product will only be reserved if the purchase is completed.

  1. Final identification steps

If you do not have a registration at Medina Softboards, by clicking on SIGN UP at the top of the screen, you can easily register and make your purchases. And if you are already a customer of Medina Softboards, just enter your email and password, and then click on LOGIN. Remembering that all your registered information and data are stored extremely securely.

  1. Finalizing the purchase

Now you are just one step away from buying your product. After you check the total of your purchase, as well as the payment method you chose, just check the delivery details and click on CONTINUE. Then you will be directed to the payment information. This environment is completely secure and free from fraud, where any personal details are stored securely and confidentially.

  1. Now just wait

After you clicked to proceed to the checkout environment, all the information about your order will appear on the screen. Within moments after confirmation, you will receive in your registered email all the information related to your order, such as status changes, invoice, and much more. And after that, just wait for your product to arrive at the selected address.